South Thomaston, ME

Firewood in Maine

for South Thomaston, ME; Owls Head, ME; and Rockland, ME

Benner’s Tree Services Cuts Up Trees and Sells Firewood

When homeowners need firewood for South Thomaston, ME; Owls Head, ME; and Rockland, ME; they turn to Benner’s Tree Service. Residents of Thomaston, ME, and the surrounding areas use firewood in their fireplaces to heat their homes on cold nights. They also use firewood for their wood stoves. Our groundsmen use chainsaws to chop fallen trees on your property into firewood. We can also deliver firewood to your home for an affordable price. Affordable prices are key now, with prices of everything increasing.

Call us at (207) 975-1038 to get a free estimate on firewood at your location.

Call us to Cut Fallen Trees in South Thomaston, ME, into Firewood

Has a tree fallen on your South Thomaston, ME, property after a storm? Has lighting hit your tree, and you are worried about how safe the tree is? Allow our tree groundsmen to cut up the tree or cut it down if it has not fallen yet. Do not waste what is left of the tree, especially if you have a fireplace or a fire pit. Call Benner’s Tree Service to take care of the fallen tree. We will cut up the tree into firewood so you can have it for use at any time.

Benner’s Knows if Your Thomaston, ME, Wood is Usable for Firewood

You might be worried about the wood of a dead tree in South Thomaston, ME; Thomaston, ME; and Rockland, ME. That wood can still be good firewood, but it will be better if it is dry. The best wood for firewood is wood from trees with no leaves, needles, and without or with bark. The best case scenario is to have Benner’s Tree Service cut down the tree if it still stands. Our tree technician can inspect the wood to make sure that it is usable for firewood.

Homeowners should call Benner’s Tree Service when they need firewood for South Thomaston, ME; Owls Head, ME; and Rockland, ME.