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Benner’s Tree Service Offers Experienced Arborist Services

For a tree service and arborist for South Thomaston, ME; Owls Head, ME; and Rockland, ME, choose Benner’s Tree Service. Our South Thomaston, ME, tree company knows that you care about the trees on your property. Those trees, however, can sustain damage and may need to be removed or trimmed. Our owner solves tree problems throughout Midcoast Maine, including Thomaston, ME, and Maine islands, including Vinalhaven and North Haven Island. With our experience, skills, bucket truck, stump grinder, and climbing abilities, we provide tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and more.

Call our licensed and insured tree professionals at (207) 975-1038 for a free estimate or firewood.

Benner’s Tree Service Provides Professional Services

Count on Us for Safe Tree Removal on Your Rockland, ME, Property

Trees add to the curb appeal of properties, but there are times when trees cannot remain on the land. Benner’s Tree Service does not like to remove trees unless it is necessary, but we are ready to help. Tree removal is sometimes necessary after a storm has knocked trees down and caused damage to your home or property. Our groundsmen and tree climbers provide tree removal when a tree is damaged, overgrown, diseased, or old. Are you building a house and need tree removal? Call us instead of attempting a potentially dangerous DIY project.

Our Knowledgeable Arborist Cares for Trees in Owls Head, ME

Homes and businesses in Owls Head, ME, and beyond can trust on Benner’s Tree Service for skilled arborist services. Our professional arborist has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide the right services the first time. Our licensed arborist can diagnose and treat trees that experience disease or insect infestation or are just overgrown. Allow us to inspect the trees so that our arborist can make a proper diagnosis.

Depend on our professional tree service and arborist in South Thomaston, ME; Owls Head, ME; and Rockland, ME.